About Us

Billion years of ancient essence, thousand years of age old wisdom and the modern generation concept of aroma lifestyle. 100% pure natural, high quality and unique therapeutic aromatherapy formulation. 

Every emotion has an impact on different organs of the body, such as anger affects the liver, over joy affects the heart, anxiety affects the spleen, sadness affects the lungs. Many illnesses are closely related to negative emotions. 

With more than 20 years of hands on experience and conducted numerous body, mind and soul seminar, we developed a series of targeted, simple and efficient aromatherapy products for the balance of body and mind.
Aroma La Vida is a new generation concept of aroma lifestyle. Touch, smell and comfort is our simple idea to bring effective preventive care to the body and mind, strengthen the immune system and eliminate the negative effects of stress. 

Embrace a moment of relaxation, optimistism and positivity in the midst of our tight and unbalanced modern life.