ALV Nano Mist Sprayer 20ML

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Nano Mist Sprayer 20ml
Nano Mist Sprayer
It makes your skin full of elasticity and moisture with ultra high speed vibration technology named "Super Long Wave" providing your skin best moisturizers and allows skin to absorb and receive nutrients efficiently. 

The most stylish Nano mist sprayer with Super Nano cluster size that is 10 times smaller than ordinary nano spray.

You may add essential oil blend into Nano Mist to carry along and user whenever required.

Capacity: 20ml
Charging: with powerbank (USB).
Technology: Ultrasonic Vibration 

Member Discount: 10%
FOC delivery when purchased with any Aroma La Vida essential oils.
Delivery fee is incurred for single purchase of Partner Store Nano Mist Sprayer due to purchase below RM200 minimum.