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Main EO Ingredients: Eucalyptus, may chang, niaouli, honey suckle
Don't be the magnet that attracts mosquitoes!
No one likes mosquitoes. Being bitten by mosquitoes is even more troublesome and annoying because there are several types of mosquitoes, especially the virus-carrying mosquitoes that bite sweaty and bacteria-stained skin.
There is a lot of mosquitoes in hot humid and less sunlight area . A certain body odour very easy to be bitten by mosquitoes that like carbon dioxide. Whichever species you encounter , you can protect yourself well without using chemical based repellent. 
MosQ Spray is a bottle of 8 types of all-natural essential oil formula mosquito repellent spray, you can use it with peace of mind, spray it on the skin to achieve the anti-mosquito repellent effect, so that mosquitoes will not get on you and will not like you either .

When to use MosQ:
When you need to repel mosquitoes anytime and anywhere indoors or outdoors, just spray it on your skin.  Repeat when needed.

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